Do you recognize...

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

You long to have a strong online presence to fully step into your purpose and spirit-led business, claim your place as an industry professional, and attract more soul-mate clients.

Perhaps you are a healer, coach, energy worker, bodyworker, doula, herbalist, retreat organizer, or have a personal brand or business that contributes to bringing more beauty and harmony into the world with a mission to awaken the Heart of Humanity…

You want your website and brand visuals to match the quality and transformational powers of the work you are offering, while bringing more people through your door and positioning you as an expert in the field.

You dream about a website and visual identity that you feel god damn proud of and excited about – one that reflects who you are, while at the same time sparks a deep recognition in your dream clients.

Finding a graphic designer who understands your field seems like an exhausting task, and even if you come across recommendations, you don’t fully feel in resonance because they are not familiar with your specific field + niche inside-out.

You’re not really sure where to start.

You feel overwhelmed by the lack of consistency + cohesiveness in your online presence and visuals, to the point that it sometimes even blocks you from getting your work out there in front of people.

What if...

What If...

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this is me. i am that person.

You knew that your website + graphic design + visual identity can be taken care of and curated by someone who...

Not only has in the past 5 years worked with conscious brands and spiritual business owners in the realms of graphic design, marketing, social media and virtual assisting

BUT WHO ALSO is an energy worker and someone deeply involved in the field of healing arts.

Not only has a university degree from Branding & Marketing Management + Brand Design, combined with a background in the fashion industry

..And who then ALSO has the exact skills and expertise to bring all into life and craft you a website + visual identity that feels like YOU, that you feel proud of and that helps the people who need your medicine, find you.

Someone whose whole mission is awakening the Heart of Humanity, and who does so both through her private practice working with 1:1 body and energy work, ceremonial space-holding and plant wisdom?

Someone who is able to SEE YOU, your gifts, beauty and brilliance? Someone who can help you tap into your business’s highest potential? 

Why we do what we do

The main ambition behind Temple Dreams Studio is supporting healers, visionaries and heart-led business owners with graphic and web design, so their work can reach larger communities and ripple into the collective - awakening the Heart of Humanity, bringing liberation and guiding people back into the truth of their beings. For the highest good of all sentient beings. In honour to Life, and all that is Sacred.

Are you ready for a website that feels like YOU,
Connects you to your DREAM CLIENTS, 
and positions you as an expert in your field?


Are you ready for a website
that feels like YOU,
Connects you to your AUDIENCE, 
and leaves a lasting impression?