Temple Dreams Studio specializes in elevated high-quality web design rooted in aesthetics and functionality for healers, medicine women, retreat leaders, coaches, therapists, female creatives and alike.

You deserve a standout website and a brand that truly reflects the essence of your work, attracts soul-mate clients, and makes your offerings look as valuable and high-quality as they truly are. We are here to support you with that and make your website dreams come true.

Your work reaching more people means more beauty, healing and magic in the world. Isn't that what it's all about?

Are you a healer, coach, heart-led entrepreneur, or have a business that contributes to bringing more beauty and harmony into the world?


Recent Work
Recent Work

Recent Work

"Kertu gives you more than just a great website. With a fine eye for both artistry and functionality, she delivers the best from both worlds."

She smoothly brings you through the whole process with professionality and fluidity, and you can expect your requests to be met with a big smile and a ‘can-do’ attitude. 

I contacted Kertu when I needed to update my website to match both the inner and outer expansions that had taken  place in my professional and personal life. 

I would recommend Kertu to anyone looking to get a new high- level website that is beautiful and stands out from the masses! I honestly couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you Queen! 



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Nurturing the Soil


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Best Suited for you who are in the starting phase of your business. You don't feel ready to commit to a full website design yet, and that's completely alright! Maybe you'll never even have to! At this stage you can likely handle all your business from Instagram, yet might have been feeling held back from your true expression + leadership in service, by not having established brand visuals in place, to create an easy-to-follow + streamlined  + consistent framework for your flow.

You are ready to evolve out of the “I will post whenever I feel like it” into “I am choosing to commit to showing up for my business", and embrace the wisdom of one of my personal all-time-favourite cheeky-but-true sayings: "Don't dress for a job that you have, but for a job you WANT TO HAVE"..


Planting the Seeds



Best Suited for you who are in the early phase of your business. You may already have a client flow, but you want to claim your leadership deeper. You want the basics in place and taken care of. You are dreaming of a beautiful website that you feel proud of — one that reflects the uniqueness of you, feels in in deep resonance with the essence of your work & what you are here to offer, and creates an open pathway for more people that are meant to find your work, reach you. 

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what's included + pricing

Best suited for you who has a running business, maybe even a website and visual identity (or perhaps not). Despite of that, you feel a new layer of depth emerging within you. You feel that your online presence no longer truly reflects the new levels of embodiment and energetic essence into which you and your work is evolving. You are ready to have the visual representation of your offerings expanded and aligned with the heights your business is ready to grow into. You are ready to reach a wider audience and truly claim your throne on the path of your unique service and offering to the world. You are aware that the work you are here to do is bigger than you, and you CANNOT wait to touch more people.


Blooming Garden


Best suited for you whose business is expanding rapidly. Not only are you calling in an aligned visual identity and website that reflects the quality of your offerings, you also seek support with setting up or streamlining the back-end systems of your business; You wish to have another pair of eyes for your brand's creative and strategic direction, and also feel that you could be greatly supported by our support with graphic design or anything structrual, after we have launched your website + rebrand.

Kertu's design signature is rooted in intentionality and purpose. In honor of The Beauty Way, her work is a meeting point of strategy and artistry, simplicity and elevation, mindfulness and impact. 


Kertu's Design Signature

With a background in the fashion industry, Kertu Ruutma has spent the past 5 years supporting conscious brands and spiritual entrepreneurs with web- and graphic design + social media strategy. She is also a body- and energy worker, a devoted student of master plants and frequency, a ceremonialist, healer and a medicine woman in training.

Kertu has a deep understanding of energy and frequency. She has a gift of seeing your deepest essence and your work’s highest potential — combined with practical skills to translate that into a visual representation of your business, that makes you feel proud of your work and resonates deep within your soulmate clients.

Kertu Ruutma, the founder of Temple Dreams Studio,  is an educated Branding & Marketing Manager and Brand Designer turned Energy Worker and Ceremonialist

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Temple Dream Studio aims to support healers and visionaries shine their light even brighter, and help their work reach larger communities, contributing to awakening of the Heart of Humanity, and consciousness of the Whole.